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Throughout this webinar session, Dr Alami and

vision therapist, Barbara Kotsamanidis-Burg

delve further into our work surrounding ambient vision,

therapeutic prism lenses and visual-spatial therapy.

Learn more about vision therapy's role in managing attention, stimming, toe-walking and other visual-motor abilities.  Parents, clinicians, therapists and educators are encouraged to watch!

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Where others consider symptoms to be the problem, we view symptoms as clues.
By allowing these clues to guide you, it first leads to an understanding of the patients needs, as well as an appropriate treatment plan for him or her. 

When visual disturbances go undetected or untreated, a range of difficulties may develop-such as trouble keeping one's focus or attention, trouble sustaining eye contact or imitating others, to developmental delays and in more progressed cases, learning disabilities and behavioral concerns. Learn more about the warning signs in early childhood development and our approach to early remediation