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Behavior Through A Lens (2006). Developmental Delay Resources

​Vision Involves Both the Eyes and the Brain. Seeing is far more than the prescription in your glasses. Have you ever picked up a new prescription that didn't seem quite right... READ MORE>

Ambient Lenses for Autism (2010). Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy-Latitudes

​A study supports the use of ambient lenses to  improve posture, head-tilts, and coordination in autistic youngsters. The lenses have also been reported beneficial for children with...READ MORE>

​Visual Model for Children with Neurointegrative Dysfunction (1995). Autism Society of America.

​The human organism is a self-organizing system. Self-organizing denotes a process in which the energy of light, sound, and pressure merges into spatial patterns across the nervous system. The system organizes a spatial map... READ MORE>

If I See So Good, Why Do I Perform So Bad?

​The word "see" can have two meanings: to have the power of sight and to understand. Language is ironic because human beings do comprehend their environment primarily through...READ MORE>

​​Brain's "Daydreaming" Network Abnormal in Autism (2006). Autism Research Institute's International Review

​The neural networks we use when we daydream or let our minds wander during restful times do not work normally in autistic individuals, according to a recent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study... READ MORE>

You Don't Always Get What You See (1991). Women's News.

​If someone's visual perception of the world is flawed, if space is visualized on two planes rather than the three that are critical for depth perception...READ MORE>

​Escape from Darkness. Cornell Alumni News.

​Dr Frederic Flach, MD '51, a psychiatrist and adjust associate professor at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, recently lead a research team who found that psychiatric patients diagnosed as schizophrenic or with affective disorders also often suffer from serious visual difficulties... READ MORE>