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Throughout this webinar session, Dr Larah Alami and vision therapist, Barbara Kotsamanidis-Burg delve further into our work surrounding ambient vision, therapeutic prism lenses and visual-spatial therapy.  Learn more about vision therapy's role in managing attention, stimming, toe-walking and other visual-motor abilities. 

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Vision & Learning: The Connection or Rather, Disconnect

Your child may have trouble focusing in the classroom, reading fluidly, comprehending the text, or organizing executive functioning skills.  As a parent, you've taken them to a vision specialist only to be told that “vision is not the problem.” The doctor may be signing off on any routine problems. 

The trouble, as we see here on a daily basis, is that the traditional eye exam evaluate a patient's eye health and visual acuity (or sharpness of sight). However, visual processing goes far beyond having 20/20 vision. A performance based vision evaluation, as conducted by our center, takes into consideration the patient's focusing, eye teaming and eye movements, without neglecting the implications of poor visual processing skills on one's physical, cognitive and emotional development. 

This webinar will help identify the symptoms related to visual processing concerns, as well as introduce you to the role of behavioral optometry in your child's academic future. 

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Attention, Toe-Walking & Stimming: Vision Therapy's Role in Managing Spectrum Disorders