Visual, DEVELOPMENTAL & EDUCATIONAL Services for your entire family



Founded in 1962, The Center for Visual Management has

continuously been on the pioneering end of progressive

examination and treatments methods for visually related

disorders.  Our providers have broad experience and an

earnest commitment towards clinical service, research and

continuous education.

We strongly believe in honoring these constructs by providing

honest and in-depth care for our patients. Ample educational programming, including seminars and workshops provided inside and out of our office is an integral aspect in communicating the importance of vision to both parents and colleagues.  

The nature of our practice, as well as the needs of our patients is multi-faceted, therefore The Center for Visual Management employs board certified optometrists, psychologists, educators and therapists from a diverse population of auxiliary fields. You will find that when examinations and treatment are implemented, they are often encompassing of physiological, educational, psychological and behavioral needs. 

We are in many cases asked to co-manage patient care, along with other physicians, including developmental pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, as well as occupational, physical and speech therapists. We have built these relationships with professionals on a local, domestic and international level with the belief that inclusion of co-managed care ensures a comprehensive treatment plan is in place to meet all of the patients needs.

We look forward to discussing our work with you further. If you would like more information on our center, please do not hesitate to contact our office.