Visual, DEVELOPMENTAL & EDUCATIONAL Services for your entire family



At The Center for Visual Management, we believe in continuing professional development--- both as clinicians furthering their own knowledge base but also as leaders, wanting to educate others in our unique work. Therefore, professional development courses are available upon request. 

Well constructed and delivered professional development courses can benefit your organization or group by:

  • Ensuring that your knowledge of visual management of processing disorders is relevant and up to date 
  • Advancing the body of knowledge within your profession-- specifically, learning new concepts, diagnostic methods and strategies to assist your patients or students
  • Helps you to stay interested and interesting when communicating visual processing concerns to others
  • Allowing you to continue to be a meaningful contributor to your group, for example, improving fundamental teaching techniques and learning specialized skills to better teach and support certain populations of individuals
  • Assuring increased public awareness 

Professional development workshops are developed based on your specific groups-specific needs. Presentations can be tailored to:

  • School districts
  • Parent Groups
  • OT's, PT's, SLP's, TVI's and related therapeutic fields
  • Hospital or physician/clinician groups