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                                                          Double Vision

Double vision is referred to medically as diplopia, and means that you simultaneously see two separate images of the same object. Double vision, in some cases can cause an individual to overfocus their attention so that symptoms are masked, but in other cases may cause the individual to avoid visual work or demands.

Double vision makes it very difficult to see objects at any distance and particularly affects your spatial awareness. There are many causes of double vision—and a comprehensive examination provided by a specialist would be warranted immediately.

 Prevalence of Double Vision
There are no figures available as to the prevalence of diplopia in the United States. However, our office examines children, adolescents and adults who frequently display double vision. 

Young children may not be able to express this symptom (in many cases they do not realize that double vision is abnormal and think this is just how everyone sees) but our examination techniques allow us to pick up on it. Double vision is particularly more common in cases of strabismus, autism, sensory processing disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

 Treatment of Double Vision 

Our office has great success treating double vision, frequently utilizing yoked prism lenses and if necessary, a visual therapy program. More information on our methods of treating double vision and other binocular vision disorders can be found here.