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                                                     Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, which varies in severity. Each individual with Down Syndrome varies greatly, intellectually and developmentally, ranging from mild to moderate delays. In some cases, others may have more severe health complications, including heart defects.

 An astounding 80% of individuals with Down Syndrome have significant ocular pathology. Refractive error (reduced visual acuity) is present in 70% of children with Down Syndrome, while strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) has a prevalence of 45% and nystagmus (involuntary eye movements) 35%. Other pathological factors that should be taken into consideration when caring for a Down syndrome child include blepharitis, cataract and keratoconus.

Prevalence of Down Syndrome
Currently, 1 in 691 babies are born with Down Syndrome each year, and more than 400,000 individuals with Down Syndrome live in the United States.
Treatment of Down Syndrome 

A comprehensive examination will reveal any significant findings in refraction, eye muscle testing and eye health. 

A visual management program is advised for those individuals who display visual delays affecting learning, development and emotions. More information on our methods of treating Down Syndrome can be found here.