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I have worked with Dr. Kaplan for about a year. I started out by bringing my daughter for an evaluation, and treatment, and ended up getting myself some help. Dr. Kaplan and his staff were courteous, and professional. Just as importantly, the type of work and training the center does is ground breaking. Dr. Kaplan’s visual examinations are infinitely more thorough than other professionals I’ve seen. Having shadowed him to learn more about his work on a professional basis I noticed that he is also very disciplined in his field, and continues to study and discover from his patients, and current literature. He is in a unique position to apply these principles in his daily practice. I was also impressed with how he would pay close attention to the weekly or monthly progress of his patients, altering protocols to respond to their current responses. In this way each treatment plan is truly tailored to the individual. His staff has also taken it upon themselves to learn this field more in depth which adds to the atmosphere of continuous learning that is put into practice for the patient’s benefit. As far as my own personal experience, when I started out, I had headaches a few times a week. My eyes felt uncomfortable in my glasses despite timely periodic check-ups with three different providers. Now I get headaches on average of < 2 times a month, and I do not experience discomfort in my glasses. In conclusions I feel that Dr. Kaplan embodies the essential characteristics of an expert clinician; he genuinely cares for patients, and tirelessly seeks to perfect his professional knowledge.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -A.S.,  MD - Physiatrist

In addition to his contributions as a dedicated clinician, Dr. Kaplan deserves recognition as a true pioneer in the field of vision training. One of the most notable aspects of his work is that he made many of his first ground breaking discoveries about the role of vision problems in developmental and psychiatric disorders in the 1970’s – an era in which most professionals were still uniformly blaming such disorders on poor parenting or early emotion trauma. Dr. Kaplan’s use of vision therapy to help patients with schizophrenia and anxiety disorders in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, an approach that flew in the face of medical dogma, made him one of the first medical professionals to offer an effective biological treatment for these patients. He continues, to this day, to challenge the medical establishment—and he continues to persevere in seeing the most effective ways to improve the lives of the children, and adults he treats.

​                                                                                                                                                                                -Steve Edelson, PhD

  Executive Director, Autism Research Institute