Visual, DEVELOPMENTAL & EDUCATIONAL Services for your entire family


Our services, which range from developmental to educational testing and interventions, are suitable for those as young as six months old throughout the school aged years. They are in-depth assessments of an individuals level of processing and performance, profiling areas of strengths and weaknesses. This information is then integrated into the individuals treatment plan, which is often applied both inside and outside of our office. They may include some of the following, at either the parents discretion or the doctors recommendation. If a developmental and/or educational profile is requested, our office will schedule a second appointment, either immediately following a visual perceptual analysis or separately. These appointments are generally scheduled for ninety minutes.

  • Early Childhood Intervention: screening, monitoring & treatment protocols

  • School Readiness Testing, which assesses an individual's abilities and achievements in specific skills before successfully transitioning into new learning environments

  • Educational Planning & Development, including summative evaluations and therapeutic determinations

  • ​Functional Performance Assessments, including developmental, cognitive and behavioral performance tests.

Very often, these developmental and educational screenings identify children with developmental delays or students who are "at risk." Baseline recordings are gathered and these assessments are on-going, as to progress each individual's improvements and development at 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month re-evaluations.

Constructs of greatest focus to these batteries of testing and treatment include general physical development, attention and executive function skills, as well as social-emotional development.